Continuous Learning Platform

For over 25 years Learning and Development professionals have focused on Learning Management Systems (LMS) for corporate training. These systems heavily relied on SCORM based Course Catalogs that are no longer relevant for much of today’s learning requirements. As a result, the traditional LMS software tends to be very hard to use. Cluttered with hundreds of courses made up of thousands of assets, most users are finding limited value in improving productivity toward their daily work. Most employees simply are not using their corporate LMS unless they are forced to for things like compliance training. Today’s learning requires a curated continuous content delivery
  • Continuous learning focused on productivity
    • Reduces time wasted on searching Google and YouTube
  • Micro Learning
    • Consumption in 10 minutes or less
  • Macro Learning
    • Understanding new job functions or technology

The importance of blending Micro and Macro Learning assets through a continuous learning platform are critical as employees see increasing complexity in the jobs being done, technology being used and constant bombardment of distractions.

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Business Operations