Productivity Generator is an Enterprise Software application for Windows, iOS and Android focused on satisfying the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Following a short interview, Eagle Point will size and price your enterprise license. Unlimited use, no questions asked.

Business Operations

Businesses planning to utilize the platform to help run their operations can deploy the platform to every employee. No changes in fees or permissions as you add or remove employees. You self-administer your license. There are also no cloud storage restrictions. Put all your learning assets in the Microsoft Azure cloud for safe keeping.

Service Providers

Service Providers have the same benefits as Business Operations, but also take advantage of the multi-tenant architecture. All customers and their employees can access the platform and utilize personalized content private to their business and projects. Productivity Generator is a great leave behind for service projects improving value proposition.

Technology Companies

Technology Companies gain the benefits of both Business Operations and Service Providers. Regardless of the number of employees, partners, customers and customer’s employees, the platform cost doesn’t change. Self-administration allows all partners to add and subtract without required permissions.

To monetize or not to monetize?

Regardless of what type of partner you are, Productivity Generator was built to allow you to sell, give away, or sell and give away your complete solutions. Once you’re onboard with Eagle Point, we won’t restrict or question your decisions.

Technology Company

Service Provider

Business Operations