Within months of the release of the IBM PC, two young engineers started a company in the basement of an Iowa home along the Mississippi River. The initial need was self-driven as they struggled to find engineering software to run on their new PC. A couple of programming classes and 34 years later, their never-ending thoughts of helping individuals and organizations improve productivity continues to evolve. Eagle Point has helped over 250,000 technology users be more productive.


Like many young software businesses, Eagle Point dove into a software feature race quickly to learn that the new products and features customers demanded where also slowly adopted. Beyond use, it was also challenging to get the latest technology integrated into customer’s day to day operations. These problems were the foundation that developed into the Workflow resource. Productivity Generator can provide any type of employee the best practice methods to do their work while utilizing their currently available technology and resources. By incorporating organizational standards and expectations into the documented workflows, predicable outcomes are reached every time. Other learning management systems rarely address this requirement. Not only does a documented workflow produce a predicable outcome, it improves the employee self-esteem.


Next came the reinvention of classroom style training. Most consumers of learning need to receive it in consumable bite sized chunks. Anything greater than six minutes begins to cross the point of diminishing returns. Then comes the timing of the actual training. During the onboarding of a new employee, employers typically are in a race to have their employees ready for their new job. While in a normal a production setting the employee only needs to learn when challenged with a new or unfamiliar task. Productivity Generator was designed to accommodate both situations. By storing both video and textual learning assets separately, employees can access the materials singularly when needed or through prescriptive learning paths when their employer needs them to learn something new.


The millennial workforce has been conditioned to use Search Engines to locate trustworthy information and solve problems. To keep them productive, and from spending hours searching YouTube and Google sifting through unreliable information, we added the Search resource to Productivity Generator. All content is automatically indexed and searchable, ready to solve the daily problems incurred.

What sets Productivity Generator apart from traditional knowledge bases, learning management systems, Intranets, wikis, and browser-based eLearning tools is its collaborative approach to learning practices and operational processes. Your subject matter experts, without web development or programming experience, can create, edit and publish learning paths, procedures, videos, tips & tricks, and eLearning courses. Content is quickly deployed through a single interface which is automatically available to your entire customer base.

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