State of Learning

When hiring a College Graduate, you expect them to possess knowledge and skills in their field of study and beyond. Onboarding them correctly is critical not only in their success but also your retention. Below are key questions that you should be asking yourself with every new hire.
  1. Are you ready to provide an adequate understanding of your general business?
  2. Do you have the ability to help new employees recognize ethical, legal & global implications of their decisions?
  3. How will you improve skills used to communicate effectively in written, oral, visual, and in electronic formats?
  4. Are you prepared to assess abilities to use quantitative & analytical methods to address business problems they face?
  5. Are best practices documented providing tools to apply critical thinking to business issues?
  6. How will instruction be delivered to encourage working in a collaborative environment?
  7. Are you ready to help them recognize the benefits & challenges of diversity?

Productivity Generator organizes the user experience into three key segments. Workflows sequence the processes you expect your new hire to follow. By proving your organizational best practice ways of doing work, your new hire will produce predictable outcomes every time. Not only will you be happy with their performance, they’ll be excited about their work delivery.


Self-support is key to productivity. Cheat Sheets and How-To Video provide front line support to solve the daily challenges that slow down your user’s productivity. Providing your proven trustworthy materials streamlines problem solving, keeping your employees away from using Google and YouTube to look for answers.


Immediate performance comes through the execution of Learning Paths. All the content added to Productivity Generator is assembled in to prescriptive Leaning Paths that your new hire can begin to execute on their first day. Quiz and reporting provides immediate feedback on their progress.

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